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Health & Fitness Program

Before we begin, we must start with the risk evaluation questionaire.

  • I have recently had surgery.
  • I have had heart trouble in the past.
  • I often feel faint or dizzy.
  • I have high blood pressure.
  • I have been in the past or am now a smoker.
  • I have bone, joint, ligament, or tendon problems.
  • My father, mother, brother, or sister suffered a heart attack before age 50.
  • I am currently taking medication.
  • I suffer from allergies or asthma.
  • I am pregnant.
  • I am diabetic.
  • I have hypoglycemia.
  • I am 20lbs. or more overweight and not accustomed to physical exercise.

If you checked any one of the statements as true, you must receive a medical evaluation and consent before you may take a fitness test and participate in an exercise program.

Before starting this workout program I advise you to purchase a large heavy duty burst resistant fitness ball in a size that is appropriate to your height. This is much better than any exercise bench and for stretching to prevent injury. Keep enough air in the ball to maintain firmness with an electric air pump often sold in the sports section of department stores where they sell inflatable mattresses. Do your stretching before and after your workout with the fitness ball and replace an exercise bench with the ball as well. Instructions generally come with the ball.

I recommend fitness balls sold by Arnica Montana 30c or 30x (for muscle soreness, speeding up recovery from injuries, and muscle rebuilding), by Hylands Standard Homeopathic Company.

The “Hypertrophy phase” will enable you to add muscle and lose fat! We advise a diet of 50% protein, 20% carbs and 30% fat during this phase. As far as workout clothing is concerned, comfort and proper air circulation is the key. I prefer very light and loose clothing over tight fashionable spandex. A true natural body builder never needs to show off. Do not forget to stretch before and after each workout to prevent cramps and injury.

Work each major muscle group with at least one basic multi joint exercise 2 times per week. Perform your repetitions by lifting the weight in 2 seconds and lowering it in 4 seconds. Do 1 set of 6-12 reps going to momentary muscle failure on the last rep in strict perfect smooth form, then all without resting (around 15 seconds maximum), pick up another preset weight that is 30% lighter, and perform another 6-12 reps to failure. Now you are finished with that major muscle group. When you reach 12 reps add 5% more weight, which is usually around 5lbs. for the next workout session. Go to complete muscle failure on the last rep of every set and do not exceed the required rep range. Every 2 weeks change the exercises, this is extremely important!, example, (dumbbells to barbell, or barbell to machines, then back to dumbbells again ect.). Just to further shock the muscles with sudden change you can use a barbell or machine with the first set, then use dumbbells for the lighter drop set. The secret here is sudden change, keep your muscles always adapting. Use perfectly strict exercise form at all times, with no momentum, no cheating. Do not make the lifting of heavy weights your priority, this will lead to over training and injury. Forget about what "the other guy" is lifting. Your competition should be with yourself only. If your progress stops and there have been no rep and or weight increases for 1 or 2 weeks, then take 1 week off from training immediately. Safety and your health comes first, always! If you still feel weaker even after the one week layoff to break your plateau, then switch to doing 1 set of 20 reps, going to failure, lifting the weight in 2 seconds, and lowering it in 15-20 seconds. Then when you progress for a while, then hit another plateau, go back to the very high intensity program above. Sudden change breaks plateaus. The larger muscles you get from anabolic steroids may look great, but in the long term, it will destroy your body. We personally idolize the old time legendary strength athletes of the past, like Bob Hoffman, Bill Pearl, John Grimek, Steve Reeves, Jack La Lanne, and Eugene Sandow, not the walking drugs stores of today that are always looking for a short cut.

  • Monday & Thursday-chest, back, abdominals
  • Tuesday & Friday-biceps, triceps, shoulders
  • Wednesday & Saturday-thighs, calves, forearms

    Basic Nutritional Program
    Taken Daily
    Always select capsules or softgels over tablets (if available)
  • Vitamin C 1000mg. with rosehips and or bioflavonoids complex taken once per day with 95% standardized grape seed or Acai berry extract if you have an infection, cold, or the flu, take 10,000mg. per day evenly spaced out throughout the day for a short period until you feel well
  • Vitamin E 400I.U. natural d-alpha tocopherol with mixed tocopherols
  • Vitamin B complex 50mg. capsules taken 3X per day
  • Vitamin A 10,000I.U. natural retinol form from fish liver oil
  • Vitamin D 400I.U. natural form from fish liver oil
  • Selenium 200mcgs. organic yeast bound
  • Zinc 50mg. chelated form
  • Calcium citrate 1000mg. capsules
  • Magnesium chelated 400-500mg. capsule(take calcium and magnesium separate since they will compete with each other for absorption)
  • Chromium picolinate 200mcgs.
  • Mega strength omega 3 fish oil concentrate 1 soft gel per day
    (refrigerate after opening)

Some traditional exercises are considered high risk for injury. They are,

  • Any presses or pulldowns behind the neck
  • Good mornings
  • Complete bent over rows, except for 70 degree bent over
  • Stiff legged dead lifts
  • Upright rows
  • Full squats with thighs below parallel to the floor
Always keep an exercise log in order to keep tract of your progress. You can use a piece of large note book paper turned sideways. Try to never miss a training session, unless your health or very life depends on it, it just creates a bad habit of missing sessions! Good luck with your training and stay dedicated.